Kaarl's Dusty Dive

Ditzie map of Kaarl’s Dusty Dive

Walking up to the cantina, you see a structure similar to all the others in Vela Vista: a durasteel square covered in the mud-plaster mixture used for insulation from the heat. Being half-buried and having no windows helps keep it cool. The roof is covered with shingles made from the carapaces of the huge indigenous beetles that populate this planet. Apparently, they’re tough enough to protect the structure and those inside from Planet M’s extreme weather conditions.

The holo-sign faintly flickers a warm welcome to ‘Kaarl’s Dusty Dive!’ from its perch above the entrance. Without it, this place just looks like any other big structure in Vela Vista. But if you had to guess based the sounds coming out of it, it can only be a typical cantina, like most others found throughout the galaxy.

As you descend the steps, you are greeted by a large blast door that sinks rapidly into the ground upon your approach. Once inside the dimly lit foyer, your eyes take a second to adjust to the lighting. Within moments, you are assaulted by the overwhelming odor of the lesser class of Vela Vista and you have to try very hard to ignore the merciless smell. On your left is the archway entrance into the cantina, flanked by large ceiling-to-floor scanning units. Straight ahead near the back of the spacious and mostly empty room is a row of weapon lockers in various sizes, all equipped with an old (but still tricky) mechanical lock with a four-digit keypad. Above the lockers, there is a pock-marked metal sign bearing an ominous message in dark Aurebesh letters: “Stow the Weapons or Stay Out”. Just off to the left, bright red letters decorate a smaller sign: “NO DROIDS!!”

Making your way to the cantina entrance, you are confronted once again by the large and gaudy scanning units. Whoever installed these must really want to keep weapons and droids out. As you contemplate the next few moments, a couple of dusty miners stiffly walk past you. The first one steps into the cantina without a problem, but as the second fellow crosses the threshold, a red light flashes, accompanied by a rather annoying beeping sound. The cantina goes quiet, and all eyes turn to the older-looking human male behind the bar. Wiping his burly hands on his dirty apron, he squares his broad shoulders and turns to face the offender. His gaze pins the miner to the floor, and his deep gravelly voice resonates across the cantina: “I’ve only got two rules: no weapons, no droids. And you don’t look like no droid.” After a brief moment, the miner retreats into the foyer. The bulky man returns to cleaning the bar top, and the sounds of the cantina start up again. As the miner reenters the establishment, the scanners are mercifully silent. Unbidden, the thought arises in your mind that perhaps it would be wise stow your armaments in the weapons lockers.

Once inside, the dimly lit cantina reminds you of the many others you have been in. Except those other cantinas didn’t have a large, rare BLX-H labor droid standing in the corner. It is currently deactivated, but it still appears to be in decent shape. Given Kaarl’s decrees, you wonder just for a moment what makes this one the exception to the ‘no droids’ rule.

On the stage is a band of diverse species playing an odd assortment of musical instruments. The song currently being played is old, but it still appears to be a hit with some of the patrons as they sing along or clap their hands. The ambient music of the band is quiet enough to let the patrons discuss their business, but every once in a while, the band lets loose, making eavesdropping that much more difficult. Scattered around the open interior are tables which have probably seen everything from sabacc to eating and drinking. The majority seemed to be made of smelted durasteel likely acquired from the local scavengers. As you look closer, you can see that the tables are bolted down, and their rounded surfaces appear to be aiming at preventing serious injury while still being able to take a beating. The chairs, on the other hand, are not bolted down and look to be made from a wood-like fungus probably harvested in one of the many mines and tunnels. And for those that require further discretion, there are several booths along the walls with red curtains that one could pull for more privacy

Kaarl tells you he can mix any kind of drink from a weak sissy drink to a real mans drink. He uses only local products to produce his alcoholic beverages and food. If you want some fancy off world sissy stuff go to that Bantha poodoo casino.

Kaarl's Dusty Dive

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