Vela Vista

Ditzie map of Vela Vista main center

Population: 400 adults 100ish children
Species: Assorted

Ran by a City Council of Three.
1 – Han Heu (an ew) (`an ew)
2 – Emad Nether
3 – Kent Vurton
These three over see the cities critical and
not so critical operations and upkeep.

—They make sure the credits for taxes and fees are collected properly and timely. Most of this goes to paying of Warden Deluca the Hutt as taxes/protection money. He takes his cut and pays the rest to Jabba the Hutt. what is left over goes to securing water for the city and its occupants, upkeep of government buildings, the two hardly used but terribly in neglect landing pads, sheriff/deputies and a city jail, fuel supply/speeder trucks.

—Also tasked with appointing public/government jobs such as Sheriff and Deputies and utility workers. Establishing the pay and benefits of said employees.

—The second most important thing besides getting the Hutts their money is creating and adjudication the laws that govern this tiny city of scum and villainy.

Peasant Standard (for 1 being) a Month
300c rent (no upkeep)
150c budget food
450c water (Standard 5 gal/19 L a day )
900c a month +/- 20%

Rent for Average Apartment
15c a day
100c a week
300c a month

Food for 2 meals a day
Budget 5c a day — 150c a month
Average 15c a day — 450 a month
Upscale 30c a day — 900 a month

Vela Vista

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