Kaarl is an older burly human male. Wears a dirty apron and cheap unremarkable clothes. Has the odor of a middle class person.


The thinning gray hair rings the sides and back of his head like wispy gray storm clouds. The bald spot on top of Kaarl’s head shines with his perspiration, at the effort of keeping all of his current patrons drinks full. Physically he looks like he is past his prime but still able to handle himself in the regular cantina fight. Big bulky shoulders and brawny forearms show he was or could still be capable of landing a good night punch. But the pot belly under them might slow him down considerably.

Kaarl’s deep old gravelly voice carries well over the noise level of the cantina. But when he wants to his voice can be tamed down to only carry the message to someone next to him.


Kaarl has been a fixture here in Vela Vista for sometime, not as long as Han Heu but a long time. Having built the business literally from the ground up to a nice profitable cantina, he has seen and heard about everything at least once in his time. He does not talk much about his past, or if he is from Planet M or an off world-er.


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