Han Heu (an ew)


Asian human woman, aprox age 70-90 years old in appearance.
Pale and looking very fragile, Han Heu moves slow and cautiously. It is the same with her ideals on governing the town of Vela Vista, slow and cautiously thinking things through.


She is the oldest and wisest person in Vela Vista. Some say she started this town long ago from an old hydro-farm that was on this plateau. Han has been in the town longer than anyone can remember and has always been on the city council.

She runs the orphanage, school for youngling children, and the Medical Clinic.
It is the only public school in town. She is a great doctor and anyone can go to the Medical Clinic for treat injury and other medical needs. She would charge based on your income/social status. Han uses Natural remedies found on Planet M to help her in Treating Injuries.

Han Heu (an ew)

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