BLX-H Heavy Lifter Droid (Clyde)

Modified old BLX-H labor droid.


This larger than normal sized BLX was made for those jobs that required really heavy lifting. This BLX-H seems to have a thicker metal plating than most labor droids would seem to ever need. The ugly rust orange paint, or is that rust, is starting to peel and chip on the edges of the plating revealing an odd orchid colored undercoat. The droid seems to have been taken care of well enough in recent times, but there are signs of a good amount of wear and tear. Deep gouges in the plating that have been repaired and painted over with the rust color gives you this feel of old abuse that has been seen to by the droids’ new caretaker. The massive strength that must be in the huge servos and motors of this old droid sends a chill down your spine when imaging the massive hand appendages reaching for you…..


Though BLX labor droids were not very remarkable when given regular memory wipes, their behavioral circuitry matrices could create an acute level of self-awareness, if allowed to accumulate life experiences. Many BLX droids developed personalities. These units often befriended their owners, who spared them from the smelting chambers.

BLX-H Heavy Lifter Droid (Clyde)

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