Planet M is a long forgotten prison planet deep in Hutt controlled space. It is not on many star charts anymore. As the Hutts like people they make disappear, stay gone for good. Surrounded by leftover droid fighters and mines from the Clone Wars, Planet M is a dangerous place to travel to and from if you do not have the Hutts permission.

This has not stopped all who are left to rot on this planet from trying to escape. Most all of their ships are wreckage, that joins 1000’s more destroyed spaceship wrecks in orbit around Planet M. This helps hide the droid fighters and mines from sensors.
Some of this wreckage falls back to the planet’s massive desert to be hidden until found by the entrepreneurial salvagers. They live here due to birth or forced banishment here. The truly evil are locked in one of the two large prisons on Planet M. These prisons are each in control of a minor gangster Hutt Warden.

If you live on Planet M you have a miserable existence. Unless… you live in one of the few but small more civilized small towns. Like Vela Vista near Prison 2 in the northernmost part of the planet. If you were born into this life this is all you know, but to those left to rot here well….

Things of note about Planet M, it is one huge desert. All large bodies of liquid found on the surface are a liquid acid call Quicksilver. It got its name due to its mercury/silver like appearance and the quick death that follows from drinking it. There are a few hidden and not so hidden bubbling springs of water sprinkled in a few places over the surface.
Due to the rarity of water on this planet, bathing is a luxury. A person’s body odor will betray their social status and wealth.

The capital city if you can call it that is Mos Devona, it is the largest city on the planet.
The planet is also known for large deposits of silver mined for the Hutts to sell to corporations and companies for making computer circuits and technology.

Imagine Star Wars set in a Banshee, Mad Max, Wild West, Defiance, Dune, and Escape from New York settings all wrapped into one.

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Planet M

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